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Remember Logotherapists who passed on: Rosemary Henrion4 de mayo a las 5:33 ·
...Given the recent loss in our community, and Maria Marshall’s wonderful idea to create a virtual place to remember logotherapists who passed on, I would like to invite all of you to contribute names, photos, and biographical sketches of logotherapists you would like to see remembered as members of our large family.
These might be the better-known pioneers whose work left visible traces, and those who worked tirelessly with patients and those in need of help, but mostly did so behind the scenes and might therefore not be as well-known and famous.
As to the former, I think, for example, of James C. Crumbaugh and Maholick, former assistants like Rolf von Eckartsberg (who, I believe, was at Harvard), Joe Fabry, Mignon Eisenberg, Lotte Bodendorfer, Hiroshi Takashima, Jerry Long, Robert C. Leslie, James E. Lantz, Edith Weisskopf, Robin Goodenough, James D. Yoder, etc. etc.
It would be wonder…
Maria Marshall4 de mayo a las 5:12 · Received our printed copy of "Hearth to Heart"--upon reading it, I had the impression that this book is an elegant little masterpiece. I am so grateful to all the contributors!

Mar Ortiz
Matti Ameli
Marianne da Silva Prado
Irina Abinya
Ann-Marie Neale
Elena Osipova
Jose Luis Alvarez Coitinho
Neal Martin
Miguel Angel Molla Madueño
Maria Marshall
Edward Marshall

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