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Interesante reflexión de Todd DuBose

 ANY ‘value’, to be critically understood, entails flushing out its oppressive, violent, exclusive and suppressive qualities, particularly in its advertisement of itself as caring, good and right.

Re-reading my friend and phenomenologist Charles Scott’s The Question of Ethics. Wonderful book, which, along with John Caputo’s Against Ethics, would be on my syllabus if ethics courses were more than imposed hegemonies of indoctrination: “These are the rules, follow them or else”. As a consultant that engages in ideological critique, specifically around practices of care, this is what we call at Insights Without Borders Institute, being stuck in the cave. How often have “Codes of Ethics” and “Standards of Care” been put into question? In your last APA seminar for CE credit on ethics, how much time was spent critiquing, nay, shredding, “code” thinking in a relative and fluid lifeworld? (As Badiou argues, “there is no general ethics, only an ethics of a sit…